We thought it would be fun to write each other's "About" section, so here goes....

Jeff is an amazing person and definitely my other half! One thing I've always admired about Jeff is that he has a lot of integrity, and he always cared for and looked out for all four of us crazy girls on his staff team like an older brother. Oops that's two things I always admired. I'm not good at math (did Jeff mention that?). He has a great sense of humor that I really enjoy and we have loads of fun together, but also can have meaningful conversations about theology or any number of things.

Not only is he witty, but a good strategist. Watching him play Risk is scary. I think he really could take over the world if he wanted to.

Jeff is very practical (unlike me), and good with directions (unlike me) and he keeps me sane, calm, and driving towards the right area of Greensboro. He's pretty hot too-and he used to play soccer. He also is humble and quick to apologize and quick to serve. Did I mention he's great?

I am incredibly blessed to be married to Jeff-I cannot say that enough! He always points me to Christ and encourages my walk with Lord.

Jeff likes sports...A LOT...especially his beloved Wolfpack. He graduated from NC State with a degree in civil engineering. He also likes 90s rock and 80s movies. Those two aren't related in any way though.