Project 365: Days 133 to 139

OK, ya'll I am so way behind on posting photos by now, it's ridiculous. But, I will keep trucking along! Hopefully, I can catch up during our Christmas break!

Monday, August 12

 Hanging out in the living room.

Tuesday, August 13

 Claire's favorite thing is books! She loves to pull them all off the shelf. She loves to flip through the pages and listen to us read to her over and over. She always carries a book with her. One time I caught her smelling a book. We love that she is a little bibliophile. 

Wednesday, August 14

  This is the sad state of my laptop screen. :-( I have to hook it up to our PC monitor. The funny thing is our monitor cord is meant for a PC and has screws, so I had to duct tape it into my laptop.  We will be replacing it soon!

Thursday, August 15

Claire's bath toys soaking in bleach water...she decided it would be a fun idea to poop in the bathtub. :-/

Friday, August 16

 We are all dressed up for Jared and Kelsey's rehearsal dinner!

Saturday, August 17

 Sparkler fun at Jared and Kelsey's wedding.

Sunday, August 18

 After a whirlwind couple of weeks, I finally got some laundry done! I was getting ready to pack it again in a few days...