Project 365: Days 126 to 132

Monday, August 5

 Sweet cuddles! I treasure these moments in my heart.

Tuesday, August 6

 At the Greensboro Science Center Aquarium
The penguins are Claire's favorite and they were especially active that day. She lovingly referred to them as "duck."

Wednesday, August 7

 Claire likes to kick her soccer ball around.

Thursday, August 8

 Our little goofball.

Friday, August 9

 Claire modeling the shirts I made for her. She tries to do the Wolfpack sign-it's adorable.

Saturday, August 10

 We ate at Bojangles. This is monumental because normally, I really don't like Bojangles, so Jeff usually goes without me. BUT, now that they have the homestyle chicken, I will go.

Sunday, August 11

 Pigtails! Nothin' Cuter.

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