Project 365-Days 119-125

Monday, July 29

 Claire was happy to be home and crawling all around! Here she is crawling down the hallway, which was a huge improvement in her mobility.

Tuesday, July 30

 With her new-found mobility, Claire liked to hang out with Mommy in the kitchen. Here she is "helping me cook" noodles.

Wednesday, July 31

 Sweet bliss for me! Jeff gave me a day to myself and took Claire all day-the first I've had since she was born. I went to my place of sanctuary-a coffee shop and spent time with the Lord. Then, I went to the mall.

Thursday, August 1

 I took some grapes out of the bag and they came out like this-a perfect grape bunch! I am easily amused, so I took a photo. :-) I don't think I've ever seen this.

Friday, August 2

 I received my 10-year plaque! I have been on staff for 10 years, which means I've been out of college for 10 years. *gasp*

Saturday, August 3

 My good friend and former college roommate, Megan, got married. It was a joy to share this day with her!

Sunday, August 4

 Claire chillin' at concert in the park. She loves to wear Mommy's sunglasses!

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