Project 365: Days 105-111

So, now I am even FURTHER behind posting these photos-ah! I am still taking them though! We are still in July-bear with me!

Monday, July 15

Alistair Begg spoke during our first night of the National Cru Staff Conference about integrity. I enjoyed his straight forward and biblical teaching, his sense of humor, and of course, his accent.

Tuesday, July 16

National Staff Conference-Day 2.

Wednesday, July 17

 We returned to the Rocky Mountains on a clearer day! It was COLD though! We drove up a dirt road that is only open in the Summer and we saw mule deer chilling on the side of the road.

Thursday, July 18

 One of our favorite bands, Needtobreathe, gave the Cru staff a concert and we had great seats. Fun Fact: Their drummer is a former Cru student from Western Carolina who led worship at some of our regional leadership conferences.

Friday, July 19

 More of the national staff conference-lots of staff people!

Saturday, July 20

 Claire playing with one of her most favorite toys. I figured I need a photo of it before she outgrows it! She loves this lantern and likes to press the button and play the music over and over.

Sunday, July 21

We said goodbye to Fort Collins and this spectacular view from our apartment!

More to come soon...hopefully...

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