Project 365-Days 92-97

I know, I am so ridiculously behind posting daily pics. But, I am trucking on, so here goes some photos from July!

Monday, July 1

 Day 1 of God, Bible, Holy Spirit class-I (April) had all my essentials!

Tuesday, July 2

 My little shopping helper.

Wednesday, July 3

 More precious reading time with Daddy. Here they are reading one of Claire's favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Thursday, July 4

Fourth of July fun with friends! It was also Claire's first glow stick experience.

Friday, July 5

 Claire LOVES scribbling and stamping on her Magnadoodle!

Saturday, July 6

 Shopping fun! Claire loves to ride around in her stroller-and she loves mirrors, so going shopping is quite exciting when there's big mirrors around.

Sunday, July 7

 I bought Jeff some tickets to the Colorado Rapids game for his birthday. Some friends of ours babysat and we had a blast. The score was 0-0 because well, it's soccer. But, we got a fireworks show afterward that was better than the 4th of July ones we saw!

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