Projct 365-Days 98-104

Still catching up...

Monday, July 8

 Claire loves cous cous! Seriously, our child loves some weird food-hummus (See Saturday's description!), salsa, and tuna fish among them. But, she's not that into chicken nuggets...

Tuesday, July 9

 I was taking a picture of my hair...don't laugh! I took a photo because I stopped using shampoo. Yep. I haven't used shampoo since May and it's been amazing for my hair. Of course, my hair was amazing in CO because there was no humidity, but even in frizz-city NC, my frizz is tamer with no shampoo. In case you're wondering, I wash it with a solution of baking soda and water and condition it with an ACV solution. And no, my hair doesn't smell like vinegar. (Number 1 question I get :-))

Wednesday, July 10

The view in Fort Collins never gets old!

Thursday, July 11

  Another selfie for FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-11 (On 7-11 of course). We don't have 7-11s in NC, so I was excited to get a free slurpee this year. Claire had a taste and liked it too, of course-though I am pretty sure it's frozen soda, so I only let her have a sip!

Friday, July 12

 Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A! There was only one Chik Fil A in town, so it was CRAZY, but so fun and worth it to see our cute little calf costumed up.

Saturday, July 13

 We took a drive through the Rockies. It was sunny when we entered the park, then soon turned incredibly foggy and started raining. Claire became upset by the rain and then got car sick with the winding road+upsetting rain and barfed garlic hummus all over herself. It was the exact opposite of awesome. But, then Claire calmed down, the sun came out, and a beautiful rainbow showed through the clouds. This is one of my favorite photos from that day and reminds me of the UK (where, for those who may not know, I lived as a child). Don't worry, we went back a few days later for a better experience!

Sunday, July 14

 Our national staff conference kicked off (as it does every conference) with a free fair for staff! Claire experienced her first carousel ride and then her first ride on a real pony. We also had some fun in the photo booth:

I love Claire's "my parents are crazy" face.

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