Project 365: Days 71-77

Hey ya'll! SO, now I am even more behind posting photos. It's amazing how much LESS time I have mothering a toddler. We are home from a busy Summer in Colorado and will get a prayer update out soon!

Monday, June 10

 We traveled through Wisconsin (and ate cheese curds-yum!), across the Mississippi into Minnesota and finally into South Dakota-or longest travel day.

Tuesday, June 11

 We stopped to visit The Badlands.

Wednesday, June 12

 We visited Mount Rushmore before arriving in Fort Collins.

Thursday, June 13

Settling in-Our apartment in CO came furnished with a sharp, glass coffee table for Claire to injure herself. My solution-pool noodles! They worked great too.

Friday, June 14

 Happy Flag Day!

Saturday, June 15

 We spent the Saturday in Estes Park, near the Rocky Mountains. We walked a short trail on Estes Lake and even saw some caribou. There was a mommy caribou guarding her baby, so we had to stay at a safe distance.

Sunday June 16

 Father's Day-So thankful for Jeff and what a wonderful Daddy he is to Claire.

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