Project 365: Days 84-91

Here are some more photos from my Project 365-still two months behind!

Monday, June 24

This is another picture of Claire taking a bath that I won't be posting because I don't like posting bath photos on the internet. Our apartment in Colorado had no bath tub-only showers, so we had to get a Rubbermaid container for Claire to bathe in. I took a photo of her happily playing in her box-bath, but that was the last time she was happy in that thing!

Tuesday, June 25

 Eating at HuHot Mongolian grill. Claire loves chopsticks!

Wednesday, June 26

 The day before they got engaged, Kaitlin and Zach came over to hang out. I love this girl to pieces! I had the blessing of discipling her when she was a math major at High Point University. Now she is on staff with Cru and has been serving God overseas for the past two years, sharing Jesus with Muslims.

Thursday, June 27

Claire in her cute little bathing suit. Ready for pool time!

Friday, June 28

The storm. On this day, it finally rained and when it did, it poured! We were having a MidSouth staff get together outside and we had to run inside. But, the night turned into a fun night of playing Seven Wonders with friends.

Saturday, June 29

We took a trip to Denver, where we visited the aquarium and explored downtown. Highlights: Claire liked watching the fish! While pushing my toddler around in a stroller, I got asked if I smoke pot. I really look like a pot-smoker and all. Now that it's legal to smoke pot in Colorado, you can see people just lighting up on the sidewalk. Denver has a river downtown on which you can go tubing-so funny in the middle of a city! Only in Colorado! But, I love them for it.

Sunday, June 30

Claire loves books! When Jeff reads to her, it melts my heart!

More to come soon!


Project 365 Days 78-84

Ya'll-I'm so behind. I don't feel like I will ever catch up with posting photos! Now, I am two months behind-ah!

Oh well-here are some photos from two months ago!

Monday, June 17

 Claire's first time in the pool! She loves floating around in her floaty and being splashed, but she HATES being dunked under water. We need to work on that...

Tuesday, June 18

Play time! We only brought a small cube of her toys to CO. She enjoyed pulling every single toy out.

Wednesday, June 19

 I caught her in a  bit of mischief-taking everything out of Mommy's purse. I have to admit, I love a little streak of mischief. It shows creativity and independence. I have to stifle giggles many times when she is mischievous.

Thursday, June 20

 Claire started crawling on this day!! I mentioned before, Claire has low muscle tone in her legs, so she needs extra help strengthening her muscles for crawling and walking. After one month of physical therapy (we took a break in CO, but I kept doing exercises with her), she took off crawling. I am so thankful for her progress!

Friday, June 21

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! Jeff turned 32 on this day, so we celebrated going out on the town of Fort Collins. I also made him a chocolate chip cookie cake, his favorite. I even frosted it, but an artist I am not. I'll spare you that photo.

Saturday, June 22

 Boulder Creek-Boulder, CO
We took a trip to Boulder and walked around the beautiful creek on the campus of The University of Colorado. Boulder has a fun, little downtown so we spent some time there too.

Sunday, June 23

 I can't believe how flexible this child is!

That's it for now-more later!


Project 365: Days 71-77

Hey ya'll! SO, now I am even more behind posting photos. It's amazing how much LESS time I have mothering a toddler. We are home from a busy Summer in Colorado and will get a prayer update out soon!

Monday, June 10

 We traveled through Wisconsin (and ate cheese curds-yum!), across the Mississippi into Minnesota and finally into South Dakota-or longest travel day.

Tuesday, June 11

 We stopped to visit The Badlands.

Wednesday, June 12

 We visited Mount Rushmore before arriving in Fort Collins.

Thursday, June 13

Settling in-Our apartment in CO came furnished with a sharp, glass coffee table for Claire to injure herself. My solution-pool noodles! They worked great too.

Friday, June 14

 Happy Flag Day!

Saturday, June 15

 We spent the Saturday in Estes Park, near the Rocky Mountains. We walked a short trail on Estes Lake and even saw some caribou. There was a mommy caribou guarding her baby, so we had to stay at a safe distance.

Sunday June 16

 Father's Day-So thankful for Jeff and what a wonderful Daddy he is to Claire.