Project 365: Days 64-70

I can't seem to close the month gap of catching up! I am taking a seminary class this summer too, so my time is limited.

Monday, June 3

Claire recently decided she wants to use a fork. Once she fills her belly, she always grabs for a fork. She's learning, but it is amusing to watch. She has a hard time stabbing stuff, so sometimes she will stab something, then pick it off with her fingers and put it in her mouth. Silly girl!

Tuesday, June 4

 I decided to take pics of our (April and Claire's) morning routine this day. So, from top to bottom, left to right: The first thing I saw when I came in the door to get Claire up-she's such a happy little lark, Snuggle time! With George too, of course. Sometimes Momma is lazy, so we snuggle before breakfast! Breakfast, and Bible story. 

Wednesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 6

  I stitched these days together-We began our trip out west driving to TN to see family. Claire had lots of fun with her cousins!

Friday, June 7

 We made our way to Louisville to see one of my best friends and former roommates, Becky. It was so good to see her-incredibly thankful for this woman!

Saturday, June 8

 We made our way across the bridge from Louisville to Indiana, past a myriad of wind farms, into Illinois via Chicago.

Sunday, June 9
We took lots of pictures in Chicago, so there are three stitched groupings!

We stayed with friends in the fun, hipster neighborhood of Bucktown an started the morning off right at a breakfast place called Toast. Claire really enjoyed her cinnamon toast!

Significant Chicago places we visited.

Our obligatory Chicago photo opt at the Bean, which was Claire's most favorite of the day because it was a giant mirror. 

More to come soon!