Project 365: Days 57-63

Slowly closing the gap...hopefully soon I won't be a month behind posting!

May 27

 This is definitely one of my favorites! It was Memorial Day, so we went to the park and Jeff pushed Claire on the swing while I took this photo. She is my sunshine. This is perfect.

May 28

 One of our bunny friends-they live somewhere near our home.

May 29

 Claire took to sucking in noodles like a fish to water. Spaghetti is one of her favorites. It's too funny to watch her eat it.

May 30

Claire and I went out to dinner with my close friend, Jamie. Here they are bonding about chickens and goats or something like that.

May 31

 On this day, I started using Project 365 Day prompts via Pinterest in order to diversify my photos-on the days where nothing particular is going on. I try not to stress too much about it though. Today's theme was "Something Beautiful" and while I could have just snapped ANOTHER photo of Claire, I thought that was a cop-out. So, instead, here are my new journals and antique teacup that belonged to my maternal grandmother.-I am very asthetic, so I like looking at pretty things.

June 1

 Jeff and I all dressed up for a wedding.

June 2

Today's theme was "Signs of Summer" and I thought this a pretty scene. I guess it could count as a sign for Spring, but the gooselings are now adolescent geese, so it's almost Summer.

More to come soon!

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