Project 365: Days 50-56

May 20

Heaven will have mocha and pumpkin muffins! 

May 21

 Claire has a new found love for spoons-mostly because she loves looking at herself in them.

May 22

 I (April, obviously :-)) had my own little tea party with a little gift from my mom and Kipling's Raspberry cakes from England. Good for my soul.

May 23

 Claire in a cute little sundress. Love it-and her face. She is very expressive. This is the "Mom, how many times are you going to act ridiculous tell me to smile, really?" look

May 24

Claire has recently learned how to color-here she is at a restaurant coloring very excitedly-just look at that face! haha. Sorry for the bad quality, not soon after I realized my ipod camera was not set to HDR.

May 25

There was a lunar eclipse on this night. It wasn't visible to the naked eye, but the moon was so bright, I decided to take a photo, which did not prove to be easy.

May 26

 Claire with her buddy, Curious George. She likes me to sing so she can make him dance, which is what is happening here.

More to come soon!

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