Project 365: Days 43-49

I know, I am a month behind! With all our travels of late, I have a TON of photos to edit! Still catching up...

May 13

 Mom and I had fun getting pedicures together! It was my mom's first pedicure. It's officially Summer for me when I get the pedi.

May 14

 Thanks to my parents babysitting, Jeff and I had a date night in Virginia Beach-here is the pic stitch. We took a walk on the boardwalk and ate dinner at Tautogs by the beach. Then we saw Iron Man 3. The pictures from T-B, L-R are: Selfie on the Boardwalk, Neptune statue, Tautogs (it's a fun restaurant in an old house), our food-I don't remember what Jeff at but I had a yummy tilapia. 

May 15

 We went to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, which was Claire's first trip to the zoo! She paid some attention to the animals...the ones she could see up close- the orangutan (because it was laying right up against the glass), the baby monkey (because it was swinging around), the elephant (because it was indoors and therefore, could be seen up close), and the giraffe (who was pregnant!). Afterwards, she started doing an elephant trunk imitation, which is pretty cute. I think she liked riding in her stroller the most-and the train ride because she loves the breeze blowing in her face!

 Mimi bought her a little stuffed giraffe whom we named "Ginny." Claire likes to sleep with her (AKA get excited to hold her and then throw her out of the crib) along with her little Curious George.

May 16

 We have a little narcissist on our hands. She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror and doing silly things. On this day, I caught her kissing herself. SMH.

May 17

Let the marathon begin! Since Netflix was releasing a new season of our favorite TV Show, Arrested Development, we had to cram a re-watch marathon of the first three seasons. We started this night. I think we watched all four seasons in two weeks.

May 18

 Claire said her first word this week, besides "Mama and Dada"- "apple." It came out of nowhere! We were eating dinner and I gave her an apple and she said. "Apo!" She repeated it all week and then I swear she said, "grocli," so I snapped this photo. I may be mistaken because she's never said "grocli" again...but she does like to try to repeat stuff even if she doesn't quite get it, so maybe. In the past month, she's added "car" (her favorite word, I think), "cow", and today she said "chicken"-she said it with a deep voice and Jeff and I just busted out laughing. It was like a scary "CHICKEN." 

May 19

 Claire had her first S'more at our church community group-this look says all about her opinion on it! She loves sugar, of course, but I think she found the biting into the S'more extra fun.

More to come soon!

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