Project 365: Days 57-63

Slowly closing the gap...hopefully soon I won't be a month behind posting!

May 27

 This is definitely one of my favorites! It was Memorial Day, so we went to the park and Jeff pushed Claire on the swing while I took this photo. She is my sunshine. This is perfect.

May 28

 One of our bunny friends-they live somewhere near our home.

May 29

 Claire took to sucking in noodles like a fish to water. Spaghetti is one of her favorites. It's too funny to watch her eat it.

May 30

Claire and I went out to dinner with my close friend, Jamie. Here they are bonding about chickens and goats or something like that.

May 31

 On this day, I started using Project 365 Day prompts via Pinterest in order to diversify my photos-on the days where nothing particular is going on. I try not to stress too much about it though. Today's theme was "Something Beautiful" and while I could have just snapped ANOTHER photo of Claire, I thought that was a cop-out. So, instead, here are my new journals and antique teacup that belonged to my maternal grandmother.-I am very asthetic, so I like looking at pretty things.

June 1

 Jeff and I all dressed up for a wedding.

June 2

Today's theme was "Signs of Summer" and I thought this a pretty scene. I guess it could count as a sign for Spring, but the gooselings are now adolescent geese, so it's almost Summer.

More to come soon!


Project 365: Days 50-56

May 20

Heaven will have mocha and pumpkin muffins! 

May 21

 Claire has a new found love for spoons-mostly because she loves looking at herself in them.

May 22

 I (April, obviously :-)) had my own little tea party with a little gift from my mom and Kipling's Raspberry cakes from England. Good for my soul.

May 23

 Claire in a cute little sundress. Love it-and her face. She is very expressive. This is the "Mom, how many times are you going to act ridiculous tell me to smile, really?" look

May 24

Claire has recently learned how to color-here she is at a restaurant coloring very excitedly-just look at that face! haha. Sorry for the bad quality, not soon after I realized my ipod camera was not set to HDR.

May 25

There was a lunar eclipse on this night. It wasn't visible to the naked eye, but the moon was so bright, I decided to take a photo, which did not prove to be easy.

May 26

 Claire with her buddy, Curious George. She likes me to sing so she can make him dance, which is what is happening here.

More to come soon!


Project 365: Days 43-49

I know, I am a month behind! With all our travels of late, I have a TON of photos to edit! Still catching up...

May 13

 Mom and I had fun getting pedicures together! It was my mom's first pedicure. It's officially Summer for me when I get the pedi.

May 14

 Thanks to my parents babysitting, Jeff and I had a date night in Virginia Beach-here is the pic stitch. We took a walk on the boardwalk and ate dinner at Tautogs by the beach. Then we saw Iron Man 3. The pictures from T-B, L-R are: Selfie on the Boardwalk, Neptune statue, Tautogs (it's a fun restaurant in an old house), our food-I don't remember what Jeff at but I had a yummy tilapia. 

May 15

 We went to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, which was Claire's first trip to the zoo! She paid some attention to the animals...the ones she could see up close- the orangutan (because it was laying right up against the glass), the baby monkey (because it was swinging around), the elephant (because it was indoors and therefore, could be seen up close), and the giraffe (who was pregnant!). Afterwards, she started doing an elephant trunk imitation, which is pretty cute. I think she liked riding in her stroller the most-and the train ride because she loves the breeze blowing in her face!

 Mimi bought her a little stuffed giraffe whom we named "Ginny." Claire likes to sleep with her (AKA get excited to hold her and then throw her out of the crib) along with her little Curious George.

May 16

 We have a little narcissist on our hands. She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror and doing silly things. On this day, I caught her kissing herself. SMH.

May 17

Let the marathon begin! Since Netflix was releasing a new season of our favorite TV Show, Arrested Development, we had to cram a re-watch marathon of the first three seasons. We started this night. I think we watched all four seasons in two weeks.

May 18

 Claire said her first word this week, besides "Mama and Dada"- "apple." It came out of nowhere! We were eating dinner and I gave her an apple and she said. "Apo!" She repeated it all week and then I swear she said, "grocli," so I snapped this photo. I may be mistaken because she's never said "grocli" again...but she does like to try to repeat stuff even if she doesn't quite get it, so maybe. In the past month, she's added "car" (her favorite word, I think), "cow", and today she said "chicken"-she said it with a deep voice and Jeff and I just busted out laughing. It was like a scary "CHICKEN." 

May 19

 Claire had her first S'more at our church community group-this look says all about her opinion on it! She loves sugar, of course, but I think she found the biting into the S'more extra fun.

More to come soon!


Project 365: Days 36-42

Still catching up! WE have a lot going on, so I feel i am getting more behind posting these-but I am taking photos every day! Things will settle down in the next few days and I will hopefully catch up. These are still from a month ago.

May 6

 Cupcake playing with Daddy. This shape-sorting house is one of her favorite toys and she loves playing with her Daddy-he IS a great Daddy!

May 7

 More Daddy bonding time. They are probably watching ESPN.

May 8

A tree fell on our home around 5 am. This is the felled tree and our shattered bedroom window. It about gave me a heart attack! I have a lot to be thankful for-that the tree didn't break any further down-it was long enough to hit and shatter our window, but it didn't fall through and hurt anyone; It was our bedroom and not Cupcake's-she slept through the whole thing :-), We have fabulous landlords who fixed it right away, we got to know our neighbors a little better-they were very helpful,

May 9
Our little bean getting from crawling position to sitting for the first time and I happened to have my ipod out to capture it! 

Some of you know and some don't-Cupcake was diagnosed with hypotonia, which is a fancy word for low muscle tone. Some babies are just born with it and need a little extra help with gross motor skills. Because of this, she has not crawled or pulled up yet, which led to us getting her evaluated. She now has physical therapy once a week and it has helped tremendously. Her first week's milestone was to get from crawling to sitting and she mastered it! (*More about this condition at the end of the post if you're curious).

May 10
 We took a short visit to see Grandma and Uncle Daniel. Here she is playing with them-again with her favorite shape sorter house.

May 11

 The next day, we went to Mimi's and Poppy's house and she played with them-she was spoiled that weekend!

May 12-Mother's Day

 Three generations on Mother's Day. Love my Mommy and love being a Mommy to this precious little bean. 

*Some may have questions about hypotonia, so I will answer them in short-Cupcake has a mild case and will walk without physical therapy BUT we chose to do therapy because it will help her reach her milestones faster and be safer while she is learning to walk. Because of the low muscle tone, she cannot feel her joints and therefore lacks confidence, which causes her to try to make up for it by hyper extending her legs. This causes her to fall stiff-legged when she goes from standing to sitting and is not good for her joints. The therapy will help with that. Also, thankfully, we qualified for free therapy and her therapist comes to our house-I really love CDSA. Her therapist is awesome and has helped Cupcake a lot in just a few weeks. She's a lot more mobile and is trying to pull up constantly now, where before she didn't even try.

Another question we often get is how does a baby get low muscle tone? Some babies are just born with it and that coupled with personality and environmental factors may cause them to not exercise their muscles-it was nothing we did or failed to do as parents, so if you have an immobile baby, don't feel guilt! Cupcake has always been a really laid back and content baby-whenever we moved toys to entice her to go after them, she'd just find something else to entertain herself. She just didn't care to move! She also HATED tummy time from day 1. We were pretty rigorous about tummy time, but as soon as she learned to flip over, it was nearly impossible to keep her on her tummy. She still hates being face down, so building the crawling muscles is the most challenging in her therapy.