Project 365: Days 29-35

Still catching up-ah! I am so behind-by a whole month! Our family is preparing to embark on a big trip, so I have been occupied with other things. We are traveling to Colorado for the Summer to take seminary classes with Cru.

But here is more catch-up.

April 29

Afternoon snuggles! Such a sweet moment-Claire isn't always snuggly, so when she is, I take advantage! Yes, I cut myself out of this photo because I looked absolutely horrid-she's the part everyone wants to see anyway. :-)

April 30

 Casting Vision-We had our annual Greensboro Vision Banquet for our ministry with Cru. I love doing this every year because not only do we get to talk with local ministry supporters, but we have 3-4 students share how God used Cru to change their lives. I always become weepy and am reminded of why I do this-it is a great encouragement to me. Also, God provided significantly for the Triad ministry through this banquet, of which my team is grateful and encouraged.

May 1

 Claire and I took a little trip to Barnes and Noble to buy some birthday gifts for my nephew. She loves to be out and about in her stroller. And yes, I put her in the same shirt she wore on Monday.

May 2

It was unseasonably cold, so I dressed Claire in long sleeves and leggings under her skirt-she only wore a skirt because she had no jeans clean...such is the life of a busy mom! I happened to think this outfit turned out really cute, so I snapped a photo-but I do often take pictures of her outfits when she first wears them.

May 3

 Claire playing with two of her buddies. I just love this photo! I wonder what they are plotting. Yeah...I gave my kid a straight up juice box. Don't judge! Usually I dilute juice with water, but we were desperate this evening and had no water. We were also at a party, so Claire ate a mini cupcake and grabbed an entire cookie and stuffed it in her mouth before we could stop her. 

May 4

 Claire had her first bath with bubbles! We recently stopped using her baby tub, so I figured it was time for her to have some bubbles, though it was a pain to rinse her off with them! She was intrigued by them for about 2 minutes and then found it more amusing to throw her bath toys out of the tub.

May 5

 Yakkity Yak-One of Claire's favorite toys is her Little People Alphabet Zoo. Out of the 26 animals, the yak is her favorite for some reason. She always finds it and always grabs it. I mean, he is pretty cute.

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