Project 365: Week 2

Here are the pictures from week 2...still catching up!

Monday, April 8

I checked on Claire in the middle of the night and this is how I found her asleep! She's going to be a gymnast.

Tuesday, April 9

 In a rare moment, Claire got all snuggly with me, so I had to snap a photo on my ipod. She's usually only snuggly when she's tired or sick, so I'll take it when I can get it!

Wednesday, April 10

Claire was being goofy at dinner and smeared food all over her nose. It was too cute not to photograph!

Thursday, April 11

 It has been a cold Spring! It finally became warm enough to go outside, so Claire and I played in the yard. She loved being outside! She played with her toys and I blew bubbles at her, which she thought was amusing. I love this photo because her little tongue is sticking out.

Friday, April 12

 The Aftermath: The floor after Claire's play time.

Saturday, April 13

My Spring "Mantle" (Really, it's a bookshelf). It makes me happy to look at it.

Sunday, April 14

 We took a little family photo shoot with the Ipod. Here's the Pic Stitch-I love my precious little family. And yes, Claire and I have matching shoes.


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