Project 365: Documenting Life in Photos

Hi friends! It's been a while since we updated (sorry!) Well, now you can look forward to me updating more often...at least for a year. :-)

I decided to jump on this Project 365 bandwagon. I'm not a photographer, but I really wanted to practice documenting life-everyday life-because those are the days I want to remember, especially with our little one.

Because I'm not a rule-follower, I started in the middle of the year-on April 1, actually. Because I am a procrastinator, I have not shared any photos yet!

I plan to pseudo-scrapbook these as well. And by pseudo, I mean stick them in a Smashbook alongside journaling cards. It's my simple way of documenting a year...while not adding a gajillion expensive pages to our usual Shutterfly book.

I will be posting my photos here to share my documentation and so you can see what we're up to!

So here is April 1-7. I'll try to catch up! Oh-and I have been lame some days...I didn't want to start over though, so I'll just try to improve. :-) As you can see, a lot of the first week was Claire in her cute little outfits. :-) There will be lots of photos of Claire -how can I resist?

Monday, April 1
 Claire and I went for a stroll in the neighborhood. We have a great trail that leads to the pond and park, so we walked a loop around the pond and back. We need to do this more! Claire loved the breeze blowing in her face. I snapped this photo with my ipod.

Tuesday, April 2
 Claire models here cute top I bought for her.

Wednesday, April 3
 I procrastinated (again) in giving Claire her Easter treats from Mimi and Poppy. We were incredibly busy and I wanted to be able to take a photo. Here she is reaching in the bag.

And here she is putting her new duck on her head (putting objects on her head is a favorite past time). She also likes to put this duck on top of the coffee table several times a day. I guess it's his home for now.

Thursday, April 4
This is one of my favorites! Claire has recently decided that putting her foot on the table is a fun idea (sometimes she puts both up). After telling her "No" and "Put your foot down" several times, I relented and took a photo. The look of mischief on her face is priceless. This look often appears at meal times, when she most likes trying out her new found toddler will. 

Friday, April 5
Another outfit picture! I love this little umbrella shirt and I had to get a side-view too because she looked so cute in her skirt and leggings-very whimsical that day, which fits her personality.

Saturday, April 6
Another cute outfit pic-I like to document them because she outgrows them so fast! :-(

Sunday, April 7
Claire giggling-the sweetest sound I hear!


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