Project 365: Days 15-21

Still catching up!

April 15
 I took a cute photo of Claire happily taking a bath. Her private area is covered, but I still don't feel comfortable putting it out on the internet, so I will not be posting this photo.

April 16

 Here is Claire in her cute nautical outfit. We have lots of funny photos of her with her mouth open. Whenever we say "Smile!" this is what we get-so hilarious. It's my fault. When she was littler, it made her laugh and smile when I opened my mouth, so I would do it to get her to smile for photos. Now she thinks this is smiling.

April 17
 Claire and I playing ball.

April 18
 I was lazy and just took a photo of Claire in her caterpillar outfit.

April 19
 Finally-a photo that is not of my baby. :-) This is the goose who built a nest in front of our cars. She sits on her eggs and hisses at us as we walk by. I tried telling her I am a mama too, so I completely understand. Yes...out loud...The babies are now born and are as cute as ever-until they grow up into mean, hissing geese (not a fan of geese).

April 20
 Lazy again-but I love the open mouth pics! This one is particularly enthusiastic!

April 21
Claire and Daddy wore matching shirts! It was unplanned and too cute to not take a photo.

God Bless,

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