Project 365: Days 22-28

I have so many photos to go through with this project, but I am slowly catching up, so here is more catch-ups!

April 22

Smile! Like I said before, this is how Claire "Smiles." I took a selfie of us and it came out like this-love it!

April 23

 Me and Claire with four of our graduating seniors-Patience, Lauren, Katie, and Mary Beth. I discipled Patience, Lauren, and Katie and will miss them! I am excited to see how God will work in their lives in the next season of life.

April 24

 Morning snuggle time! Claire discovered the fun of hair elastics.

April 25

 In a rare moment, I let Claire play with my Ipod...she took a selfie. It was too funny to not keep!

April 26
Two photos because I love them so much!

 Jeff took these and I love them so much! Not only are they adorable, but they capture Claire's spirit well-She is such a fun-loving, happy, and content little bean. And she loves to swing, especially when the breeze is blowing in her face.

April 27

 My friend Kristin invited me to go with her to a meet-up via a  blog we read,  (in)Courage. This occurs yearly for a series they do called "(In) Rl Life" to foster community beyond the internet. The meet-up was in my area, so I of course, went. After getting lost and thinking I wouldn't make it, I arrived! So glad I did. I had a great time of fellowship and learning and discussing what it means to be in community. I stole this instagram pic from Jen Schmidt, our host.

April 28

 My hair. I am super excited because I have never really been able to put my hair up. It's usually short and it is very thick and will not stay. My hair is long now, so I googled "easy up do for thick hair" and found a video on how to do an inverted bun. Much to my surprise, it was super easy and I love it! My hair stays up all day-it's perfect for hot days. I was going to get my hair cut short again, but decided it against it for now-it is oddly much easier to manage long. I don't have time to style my hair every day!

Thankful for my life,

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