Project 365: Days 29-35

Still catching up-ah! I am so behind-by a whole month! Our family is preparing to embark on a big trip, so I have been occupied with other things. We are traveling to Colorado for the Summer to take seminary classes with Cru.

But here is more catch-up.

April 29

Afternoon snuggles! Such a sweet moment-Claire isn't always snuggly, so when she is, I take advantage! Yes, I cut myself out of this photo because I looked absolutely horrid-she's the part everyone wants to see anyway. :-)

April 30

 Casting Vision-We had our annual Greensboro Vision Banquet for our ministry with Cru. I love doing this every year because not only do we get to talk with local ministry supporters, but we have 3-4 students share how God used Cru to change their lives. I always become weepy and am reminded of why I do this-it is a great encouragement to me. Also, God provided significantly for the Triad ministry through this banquet, of which my team is grateful and encouraged.

May 1

 Claire and I took a little trip to Barnes and Noble to buy some birthday gifts for my nephew. She loves to be out and about in her stroller. And yes, I put her in the same shirt she wore on Monday.

May 2

It was unseasonably cold, so I dressed Claire in long sleeves and leggings under her skirt-she only wore a skirt because she had no jeans clean...such is the life of a busy mom! I happened to think this outfit turned out really cute, so I snapped a photo-but I do often take pictures of her outfits when she first wears them.

May 3

 Claire playing with two of her buddies. I just love this photo! I wonder what they are plotting. Yeah...I gave my kid a straight up juice box. Don't judge! Usually I dilute juice with water, but we were desperate this evening and had no water. We were also at a party, so Claire ate a mini cupcake and grabbed an entire cookie and stuffed it in her mouth before we could stop her. 

May 4

 Claire had her first bath with bubbles! We recently stopped using her baby tub, so I figured it was time for her to have some bubbles, though it was a pain to rinse her off with them! She was intrigued by them for about 2 minutes and then found it more amusing to throw her bath toys out of the tub.

May 5

 Yakkity Yak-One of Claire's favorite toys is her Little People Alphabet Zoo. Out of the 26 animals, the yak is her favorite for some reason. She always finds it and always grabs it. I mean, he is pretty cute.


Project 365: Days 22-28

I have so many photos to go through with this project, but I am slowly catching up, so here is more catch-ups!

April 22

Smile! Like I said before, this is how Claire "Smiles." I took a selfie of us and it came out like this-love it!

April 23

 Me and Claire with four of our graduating seniors-Patience, Lauren, Katie, and Mary Beth. I discipled Patience, Lauren, and Katie and will miss them! I am excited to see how God will work in their lives in the next season of life.

April 24

 Morning snuggle time! Claire discovered the fun of hair elastics.

April 25

 In a rare moment, I let Claire play with my Ipod...she took a selfie. It was too funny to not keep!

April 26
Two photos because I love them so much!

 Jeff took these and I love them so much! Not only are they adorable, but they capture Claire's spirit well-She is such a fun-loving, happy, and content little bean. And she loves to swing, especially when the breeze is blowing in her face.

April 27

 My friend Kristin invited me to go with her to a meet-up via a  blog we read,  (in)Courage. This occurs yearly for a series they do called "(In) Rl Life" to foster community beyond the internet. The meet-up was in my area, so I of course, went. After getting lost and thinking I wouldn't make it, I arrived! So glad I did. I had a great time of fellowship and learning and discussing what it means to be in community. I stole this instagram pic from Jen Schmidt, our host.

April 28

 My hair. I am super excited because I have never really been able to put my hair up. It's usually short and it is very thick and will not stay. My hair is long now, so I googled "easy up do for thick hair" and found a video on how to do an inverted bun. Much to my surprise, it was super easy and I love it! My hair stays up all day-it's perfect for hot days. I was going to get my hair cut short again, but decided it against it for now-it is oddly much easier to manage long. I don't have time to style my hair every day!

Thankful for my life,


Project 365: Days 15-21

Still catching up!

April 15
 I took a cute photo of Claire happily taking a bath. Her private area is covered, but I still don't feel comfortable putting it out on the internet, so I will not be posting this photo.

April 16

 Here is Claire in her cute nautical outfit. We have lots of funny photos of her with her mouth open. Whenever we say "Smile!" this is what we get-so hilarious. It's my fault. When she was littler, it made her laugh and smile when I opened my mouth, so I would do it to get her to smile for photos. Now she thinks this is smiling.

April 17
 Claire and I playing ball.

April 18
 I was lazy and just took a photo of Claire in her caterpillar outfit.

April 19
 Finally-a photo that is not of my baby. :-) This is the goose who built a nest in front of our cars. She sits on her eggs and hisses at us as we walk by. I tried telling her I am a mama too, so I completely understand. Yes...out loud...The babies are now born and are as cute as ever-until they grow up into mean, hissing geese (not a fan of geese).

April 20
 Lazy again-but I love the open mouth pics! This one is particularly enthusiastic!

April 21
Claire and Daddy wore matching shirts! It was unplanned and too cute to not take a photo.

God Bless,


Project 365: Week 2

Here are the pictures from week 2...still catching up!

Monday, April 8

I checked on Claire in the middle of the night and this is how I found her asleep! She's going to be a gymnast.

Tuesday, April 9

 In a rare moment, Claire got all snuggly with me, so I had to snap a photo on my ipod. She's usually only snuggly when she's tired or sick, so I'll take it when I can get it!

Wednesday, April 10

Claire was being goofy at dinner and smeared food all over her nose. It was too cute not to photograph!

Thursday, April 11

 It has been a cold Spring! It finally became warm enough to go outside, so Claire and I played in the yard. She loved being outside! She played with her toys and I blew bubbles at her, which she thought was amusing. I love this photo because her little tongue is sticking out.

Friday, April 12

 The Aftermath: The floor after Claire's play time.

Saturday, April 13

My Spring "Mantle" (Really, it's a bookshelf). It makes me happy to look at it.

Sunday, April 14

 We took a little family photo shoot with the Ipod. Here's the Pic Stitch-I love my precious little family. And yes, Claire and I have matching shoes.



Project 365: Documenting Life in Photos

Hi friends! It's been a while since we updated (sorry!) Well, now you can look forward to me updating more often...at least for a year. :-)

I decided to jump on this Project 365 bandwagon. I'm not a photographer, but I really wanted to practice documenting life-everyday life-because those are the days I want to remember, especially with our little one.

Because I'm not a rule-follower, I started in the middle of the year-on April 1, actually. Because I am a procrastinator, I have not shared any photos yet!

I plan to pseudo-scrapbook these as well. And by pseudo, I mean stick them in a Smashbook alongside journaling cards. It's my simple way of documenting a year...while not adding a gajillion expensive pages to our usual Shutterfly book.

I will be posting my photos here to share my documentation and so you can see what we're up to!

So here is April 1-7. I'll try to catch up! Oh-and I have been lame some days...I didn't want to start over though, so I'll just try to improve. :-) As you can see, a lot of the first week was Claire in her cute little outfits. :-) There will be lots of photos of Claire -how can I resist?

Monday, April 1
 Claire and I went for a stroll in the neighborhood. We have a great trail that leads to the pond and park, so we walked a loop around the pond and back. We need to do this more! Claire loved the breeze blowing in her face. I snapped this photo with my ipod.

Tuesday, April 2
 Claire models here cute top I bought for her.

Wednesday, April 3
 I procrastinated (again) in giving Claire her Easter treats from Mimi and Poppy. We were incredibly busy and I wanted to be able to take a photo. Here she is reaching in the bag.

And here she is putting her new duck on her head (putting objects on her head is a favorite past time). She also likes to put this duck on top of the coffee table several times a day. I guess it's his home for now.

Thursday, April 4
This is one of my favorites! Claire has recently decided that putting her foot on the table is a fun idea (sometimes she puts both up). After telling her "No" and "Put your foot down" several times, I relented and took a photo. The look of mischief on her face is priceless. This look often appears at meal times, when she most likes trying out her new found toddler will. 

Friday, April 5
Another outfit picture! I love this little umbrella shirt and I had to get a side-view too because she looked so cute in her skirt and leggings-very whimsical that day, which fits her personality.

Saturday, April 6
Another cute outfit pic-I like to document them because she outgrows them so fast! :-(

Sunday, April 7
Claire giggling-the sweetest sound I hear!