Project 365: Days 133 to 139

OK, ya'll I am so way behind on posting photos by now, it's ridiculous. But, I will keep trucking along! Hopefully, I can catch up during our Christmas break!

Monday, August 12

 Hanging out in the living room.

Tuesday, August 13

 Claire's favorite thing is books! She loves to pull them all off the shelf. She loves to flip through the pages and listen to us read to her over and over. She always carries a book with her. One time I caught her smelling a book. We love that she is a little bibliophile. 

Wednesday, August 14

  This is the sad state of my laptop screen. :-( I have to hook it up to our PC monitor. The funny thing is our monitor cord is meant for a PC and has screws, so I had to duct tape it into my laptop.  We will be replacing it soon!

Thursday, August 15

Claire's bath toys soaking in bleach water...she decided it would be a fun idea to poop in the bathtub. :-/

Friday, August 16

 We are all dressed up for Jared and Kelsey's rehearsal dinner!

Saturday, August 17

 Sparkler fun at Jared and Kelsey's wedding.

Sunday, August 18

 After a whirlwind couple of weeks, I finally got some laundry done! I was getting ready to pack it again in a few days...


Project 365: Days 126 to 132

Monday, August 5

 Sweet cuddles! I treasure these moments in my heart.

Tuesday, August 6

 At the Greensboro Science Center Aquarium
The penguins are Claire's favorite and they were especially active that day. She lovingly referred to them as "duck."

Wednesday, August 7

 Claire likes to kick her soccer ball around.

Thursday, August 8

 Our little goofball.

Friday, August 9

 Claire modeling the shirts I made for her. She tries to do the Wolfpack sign-it's adorable.

Saturday, August 10

 We ate at Bojangles. This is monumental because normally, I really don't like Bojangles, so Jeff usually goes without me. BUT, now that they have the homestyle chicken, I will go.

Sunday, August 11

 Pigtails! Nothin' Cuter.


Project 365-Days 119-125

Monday, July 29

 Claire was happy to be home and crawling all around! Here she is crawling down the hallway, which was a huge improvement in her mobility.

Tuesday, July 30

 With her new-found mobility, Claire liked to hang out with Mommy in the kitchen. Here she is "helping me cook" noodles.

Wednesday, July 31

 Sweet bliss for me! Jeff gave me a day to myself and took Claire all day-the first I've had since she was born. I went to my place of sanctuary-a coffee shop and spent time with the Lord. Then, I went to the mall.

Thursday, August 1

 I took some grapes out of the bag and they came out like this-a perfect grape bunch! I am easily amused, so I took a photo. :-) I don't think I've ever seen this.

Friday, August 2

 I received my 10-year plaque! I have been on staff for 10 years, which means I've been out of college for 10 years. *gasp*

Saturday, August 3

 My good friend and former college roommate, Megan, got married. It was a joy to share this day with her!

Sunday, August 4

 Claire chillin' at concert in the park. She loves to wear Mommy's sunglasses!


Project 365: Days 112-118

We drove back home from CO...

Monday, July 22

 We drove around the city where I (April) was born. We even drove by the hospital I was born in! And, of course, we had to drive by the stadium where they hold the NCAA Baseball Tournament, for Jeff.

Tuesday, July 23

We spent Monday night in St. Louis with some friends and spent the next day exploring St. Louis. We went the fabulous free zoo, where Claire thoroughly enjoyed the penguins. We also visited the arch, of course!

Wednesday, July 24

 We ended up back with my sister and her family in Knoxville. Claire's cousins love her!

Thursday, July 25

 Cousin photo before we leave! This is the best we can do. :-)

Friday, July 26

 The powdered sugar incident- I ate a waffle for breakfast and left the plate on the arm of our over sized chair. Before I could stop her, Claire grabbed the plate and dumped the powdered sugar on her head. It was too funny to not take a photo!

Saturday, July 27

 We went to Wilmington for our friend Ben's wedding. The rehearsal dinner was at a park near the USS Wilmington. Claire had her little sailor dress on, so we took her photo next to the ship.

Sunday, July 28

 Sweet time with great friends at the Treece wedding!

More to come soon!


Project 365: Days 105-111

So, now I am even FURTHER behind posting these photos-ah! I am still taking them though! We are still in July-bear with me!

Monday, July 15

Alistair Begg spoke during our first night of the National Cru Staff Conference about integrity. I enjoyed his straight forward and biblical teaching, his sense of humor, and of course, his accent.

Tuesday, July 16

National Staff Conference-Day 2.

Wednesday, July 17

 We returned to the Rocky Mountains on a clearer day! It was COLD though! We drove up a dirt road that is only open in the Summer and we saw mule deer chilling on the side of the road.

Thursday, July 18

 One of our favorite bands, Needtobreathe, gave the Cru staff a concert and we had great seats. Fun Fact: Their drummer is a former Cru student from Western Carolina who led worship at some of our regional leadership conferences.

Friday, July 19

 More of the national staff conference-lots of staff people!

Saturday, July 20

 Claire playing with one of her most favorite toys. I figured I need a photo of it before she outgrows it! She loves this lantern and likes to press the button and play the music over and over.

Sunday, July 21

We said goodbye to Fort Collins and this spectacular view from our apartment!

More to come soon...hopefully...


Projct 365-Days 98-104

Still catching up...

Monday, July 8

 Claire loves cous cous! Seriously, our child loves some weird food-hummus (See Saturday's description!), salsa, and tuna fish among them. But, she's not that into chicken nuggets...

Tuesday, July 9

 I was taking a picture of my hair...don't laugh! I took a photo because I stopped using shampoo. Yep. I haven't used shampoo since May and it's been amazing for my hair. Of course, my hair was amazing in CO because there was no humidity, but even in frizz-city NC, my frizz is tamer with no shampoo. In case you're wondering, I wash it with a solution of baking soda and water and condition it with an ACV solution. And no, my hair doesn't smell like vinegar. (Number 1 question I get :-))

Wednesday, July 10

The view in Fort Collins never gets old!

Thursday, July 11

  Another selfie for FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-11 (On 7-11 of course). We don't have 7-11s in NC, so I was excited to get a free slurpee this year. Claire had a taste and liked it too, of course-though I am pretty sure it's frozen soda, so I only let her have a sip!

Friday, July 12

 Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A! There was only one Chik Fil A in town, so it was CRAZY, but so fun and worth it to see our cute little calf costumed up.

Saturday, July 13

 We took a drive through the Rockies. It was sunny when we entered the park, then soon turned incredibly foggy and started raining. Claire became upset by the rain and then got car sick with the winding road+upsetting rain and barfed garlic hummus all over herself. It was the exact opposite of awesome. But, then Claire calmed down, the sun came out, and a beautiful rainbow showed through the clouds. This is one of my favorite photos from that day and reminds me of the UK (where, for those who may not know, I lived as a child). Don't worry, we went back a few days later for a better experience!

Sunday, July 14

 Our national staff conference kicked off (as it does every conference) with a free fair for staff! Claire experienced her first carousel ride and then her first ride on a real pony. We also had some fun in the photo booth:

I love Claire's "my parents are crazy" face.


Project 365-Days 92-97

I know, I am so ridiculously behind posting daily pics. But, I am trucking on, so here goes some photos from July!

Monday, July 1

 Day 1 of God, Bible, Holy Spirit class-I (April) had all my essentials!

Tuesday, July 2

 My little shopping helper.

Wednesday, July 3

 More precious reading time with Daddy. Here they are reading one of Claire's favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Thursday, July 4

Fourth of July fun with friends! It was also Claire's first glow stick experience.

Friday, July 5

 Claire LOVES scribbling and stamping on her Magnadoodle!

Saturday, July 6

 Shopping fun! Claire loves to ride around in her stroller-and she loves mirrors, so going shopping is quite exciting when there's big mirrors around.

Sunday, July 7

 I bought Jeff some tickets to the Colorado Rapids game for his birthday. Some friends of ours babysat and we had a blast. The score was 0-0 because well, it's soccer. But, we got a fireworks show afterward that was better than the 4th of July ones we saw!