Happy Half Birthday, Claire!

Claire is six months old! (Actually she'll be seven months old in a week-I am so behind!) It's hard to believe. 

She is such a little blessing. She is a very easy baby and is incredibly happy. 

She loves to laugh and splash vigorously in the bath tub. Her new loves this week are high-pitched squealing and fake coughing...I made the mistake of laughing at her coughing once and now she won't stop.

 Claire loves for me to read to her. She amazingly sits quietly through not just one book, but usually two or three at a time! She also likes to try to eat the books.

She also thinks her Daddy is sooooo funny. It is so precious to see them sit on the couch together and hang out.

Claire's favorite toys are her plush ones (especially her Very Hungry Caterpillar butterfly)...mostly because they are fun to chew on. She also really loves her jumperoo and kick piano (see kicking note below) She also likes toys that light up and make noise, but is highly suspicious of toys that squeak...

She becomes so excited when I arrive to get her out of her crib. She kicks her little feet and squeals. We think she'll be a soccer player-she loves to kick those little feet!

Claire also loves music. She listens intensely with a smile on her face and sometimes I think she's trying to figure out how to sing.

She may end up being a little thrill seeker like her mommy. She has recently discovered how to push herself half-way off the nursing pillow so she's hanging upside down. She loves it and does it about 10 times a day.

We are so thankful for our little sweetheart-I never knew I could be so blessed! Every day I pray the Lord will protect her and grow her into a woman who loves Him with all her heart. I pray that one day He will use her to further His Kingdom. 

Thank You, Lord, for lending her to us for a little while and for the great responsibility You've entrusted to us in raising this little blessing!

These wonderful photos were taken by our friend, Ben.


Our Precious Baby Girl

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We are enjoying our newest little addition, who will be 3 weeks old on Friday. Hard to believe! The first two weeks were fairly easy and natural, but this week has been an adjustment period. Claire has become fussier (as is normal for babies!) and right now has her days and nights confused, which exhausts mommy and daddy. So, please pray for us. We are trying to get and keep her on a eat-play-sleep schedule and get her little internal clock working right, but it is a challenge.

Good thing she's so darn cute and precious. :-) We love her to pieces!


Introducing Claire

We are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Claire Elizabeth. She was born on on Friday and weighed just over 8 pounds. We hope that you get to meet her soon and you're welcome to come visit (please call first though). Everything seems good so far with mother and daughter. Thanks for your prayers!