While my family may not look like a Norman Rockwell painting and the world isn't free from want...there is still much to be thankful to God for!

Try to take a minute before you make your wish list and meditate on a few things you're grateful for AND even a few ways you can be a blessing to others as you move to engage the brokenness of this world!

Abiding in Christ can be especially difficult during the holidays...with family stress, travel, lack of routine, and consumerism/materialism ever-present.  We pray that you spend extra time in prayer, live out the gospel in word and deed to your loved ones, walk in the Spirit (remember the fruit of the Spirit?  yeah we all need that extra patience, love, and joy now), rest in the finished work of Christ, be thankful for the little things, and rejoice always again I say Rejoice!

Some things we're thankful for:
  • personal relationships with God: that we can be both fully known and fully loved
  • our families (yep both sides)
  • our friends (old and new)
  • our jobs (not just to pay bills but that we get to impact lives for eternity)
  • each other
  • our soon to be daughter
  • this list is not exhaustive! (it's not an Oscar's acceptance speech people)
  • Oh, and our supporters and prayer champions

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