NYC Photo of the Day - July 11

Our Staff Team

Prayer Requests:
Pray for us staff as we travel home on Wed.  Also, we have a short turnaround before we head out to Colorado for 10 days.  Then 2 weeks later we start the fall semester.  I know we personally have a ton to get done in our 2 week summer.  Pray that we are able to raise support and get everything ready for the fall semester.  And ultimately, that we would rest in the work of Christ.


NYC Photo of the Day - July 10

A NYC Sunset

Prayer Request:
Please pray for our students to take back what they learned and continue to impact their world for Christ.  Also pray for the people we have talked to this summer...that the Lord would continue to pursue and reveal Himself to them.


NYC Photo of the Day-July 9

On Saturday, we went bicycling on Governor's Island. Here are some of our girls on a quad-bike.

Prayer Request:
Pray that in the fall our NYC staff team would be able to reconnect with the students we meet this summer who are interested in learning more about God.


NYC Photo of the Day - July 8

before date night

Prayer Request:
Pray for us to live out the gospel in our relationship and in leading the students as we close out project.


NYC Photo of the Day - July 6

New York Red Bulls game

Prayer Request:
Pray for us to finish project well.  This includes ministry on campus (our last Bible studies are on Thursday) and ministry to our students on project.  We will finish training them and trying to prepare them to continue walking with Christ on campus and for a lifetime.


NYC Photo of the Day-July 4

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days-it was a super busy week!

Happy Independence Day!!

Prayer Request
Pray for team as it is our last week on campus doing ministry here in NYC. Pray that we will finishe well and make the most of every opportunity.