Photo(s) of the Day-June 1-Outside Our Summer Home

I won't always post multiple pictures-just trying to give you a general idea of where we are living for the summer!

Here's where we live from the outside

We live in tourist central, as you can see from the Empire State Building in the background. It's a fun place to live in spite of that!

Our neighbors:

Forever 21 and the Gap. and guess who lives across the street? H&M. The Lord is testing my will power.

Our other neighbor across the street:

  • Pray for safe travel and smooth transitions as staff arrive in the city tomorrow!
In Christ,

Jeff and April (but I'm sure you can tell April wrote this. No, Forever 21 and H&M do not tempt Jeff. Shocking, I know.)


Ansley said...

Love it! Great picture of herald!!

Michelle said...

Oh come on, we all know that Jeff secretly longs to spend hours shopping away the day.

Ash Mac said...

love the photos of the day, and i'm jealous you guys are in nyc! wish i could visit...(you guys AND those neighbors :P) praying for y'all!