NYC Photo of the Day - June 12

We attended the Big Apple BBQ Festival at Madison Square Park.  It was one of my favorite things so far...loved it!  It was great to eat some food featured on The Food Network, and it was delicious.  If you are in NYC in the summer, you have to go.

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party from UM Media Documentary Projects on Vimeo.

Prayer Request:
All sorts of people are fond of repeating the Christian statement that "God is love." But they seem not to notice that the words "God is love" have no real meaning unless God contains at least two Persons. Love is something that one person has for another person. If God was a single person, then before the world was made, He was not love. Of course, what these people mean when they say that God is love is often something quite different: they really mean "Love is God." They really mean that our feelings of love, however and whenever they arise, and whatever results they produce, are to be treated with great respect. Perhaps they are, but that is something quite different from what Christians mean by the statement "God is love." They believe that the living, dynamic activity of love has been going on in God forever and has created everything else.
C.S. Lewis

Pray that God will help us, our project, and the college students of NYC to understand the love of God, His character, and His plan for us to share and grow in this love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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