Photo(s) of the Day May 31-Inside Our Summer Home

Here's a glimpse into our home for the summer. We are sharing a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with another staff couple and their baby-in midtown Manhatten. Please excuse the mess-we're not done unpacking!
 Our Lobby-It looks all modern and cool.

Our little room-the bed takes up most of it!

Our kitchen

We also have a small living room and a bathroom, but they are not very interesting.

  • First of all, we have a great lead on an apartment for the Jone's already! Praise God!
  • Thank God for the team He has provided for the summer: 13 students and 8 Staff. Please pray that our students will be fully funded for project by the time they arrive next week! There are a few who are struggling and need your prayers.
God bless,
Jeff and April


NYC Photo of the Day May 30

Ready to go at 6 am!!
Don't worry-this is NOT all our stuff! This is what a couple and a family of 5 need for one summer in NYC.  Look closely and see if you can spot April. :-)

Prayer Request for Tonight:
We are still having some housing issues-we are hoping that a sufficient place opens up tomorrow for the Jones family. Please pray that this happens-it is pertinent! 

Jeff and April


Big City, Here We Come!

This summer, we will be staffing the New York City Tribeca Summer Project! We leave Monday and will be back in the middle of July.

As I did last year, I will be posting a "Photo of the Day" during our time in NYC-I will also include a prayer request for the day, so ya'll can know specifically how to pray for us.

I will start Monday night!

Thanks so much!!