Encounter 2010

Hey guys, we are currently busy at a winter conference with 1100 college students in Greensboro, NC.  It's exciting stuff seeing students see God, respond to Him, and be inspired to change the world.  If you'd like to follow along or anything, you can check out the conference website here:  Encounter 2010.

We have some great speakers like Crawford Loritts.  You can check out more about him here:
his church bio
his speaking bio
a sample of some of his talks

We also have the priviledge of having Brooks Ritter and his band lead us in worship.  You can check out some about him here:
the church where he leads worship
a sample of some of his music

Please pray for everyone at the conference to truly encounter Christ and impact the world for His glory.  I will try to update you along the way this week!

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