Facebook #1

So, I have undertaken two new marketing/advertising campaigns on facebook.

This week, I will highlight my most recent overture.  I wanted to start small, so I took the smallest movement I coach, at Greensboro College.  I decided instead of making a group page, it would be more popular to make a fan page that people can "like."  That way, every time someone likes it, it will show up in their profile and hopefully others' news feeds as well.  I am going for organic marketing with this. 

Go search on facebook for "Cru at GC" to see the page I made this week:

Basically, Greensboro College has about 1200 students and just under 1000 traditional (live on campus, 18-23, 4 year students).  There are a few student organizations on campus, but it seems like the same 25 students are involved in them all.  I honestly don't think most of the other students do much socially.  Many go home over the weekends and of course enjoy partying it up downtown at the clubs and bars.  However, it is a DIII school with 16 sports teams offered, so there are about 300 athletes on campus.  They are typically a bit different from the rest of the student body.

That's the lay of the land.  I have been praying that the Lord will spark a revival here.  After years of seeing a handful of students come through and hear the Gospel, we're trying some experimental things to increase awareness.

On this fan page, it has the typical wall with posts and questions to interact with fans.  Also the info tab with info about Weekly Meeting, Fall Retreat, Winter Conference, and I'll add Summer Projects.  The BIG difference is what else is on here.  I Googled around until I figured out how to edit FBML and made a Welcome "splash page."  This has a picture, contains our purpose and vision, and relays info about the weekly meeting.  I then added two apps that CCCI developed.  One is for everystudent.com and the other is for Starting With God.  These two help answer questions non-believers or young believers would have and also provide info on how to begin growing in Christ. 

I hope that this simple, free resource ends up helping to draw new people into the kingdom of God, get them plugged into Christian community, and equip them to reach out to others as well!

Pray with me for GC!


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