Sphere's of Influence

Places I pray and work towards renewal in regularly...the Triad, New York (spring breaks), Clearwater (this summer), and East Asia.

Here is a quick snippet of what the Lord is doing in a few of the areas I minister and partner in.

In East Asia check out this article about the growth of Christianity.  Also, our region is sending the most people overseas in recent years including one guy I discipled and one girl April discipled from the Triad.  God's on the move expanding His Kingdom!

In the Triad, we are grearing up for another busy kick off to the school year.  This summer after project I have been busy developing 2 websites and meeting with multiple churches about developing partnerships.  We are poised with the infrastructure to support the work the Lord is doing here.  We are hoping to launch a new greek movement and faculty movement at HPU and continue to expand the gospel's influence into new areas of campus.  I will try to keep you all up to date with the events, parties, outreaches, etc. that goes on as we seek to get students involved at the beg. of the year.

Our goal is that every person would know someone who truly follows Jesus on the campuses of the Triad!  Put simply, we are: "On the campus. For the campus."  We accomplish this by launching and coaching gospel-centered movements.  Here is a great article about movements by Tim Keller (please read).
This is basically sums up what I do on campus:
"A strong movement, then, occupies the difficult space between being a free-wheeling organism and a disciplined organization.  A movement that refuses to take on some organizational characteristics - authority, tradition, unity of belief, and quality control - will fragment and dissipate. A movement that does not also resist the inevitable tendency toward complete institutionalization will lose its vitality and effectiveness as well. The job of the movement leader is to steer the ship safely between these two opposite perils." Tim Keller

Lastly our students have closed up shop and made it home from Clearwater.  They did a great job and we are hoping to have a few of them over to visit us next week to catch up!

Thanks for praying!


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