Clearwater POTD: June 27

Sweet Girls!

Clearwater POTD: June 26

Swimming with Manatee!! Here is the baby manatee we found:

Here is Mitch and me (the only two crazy enough to get in that water) trying to reach the manatee. If you look real close to the right of Mitch's head, you can see it poking out of the water. We did reach it-and it touched my leg! And then some crazy foreign lady yelled at us for "harassing" the manatee. We did no such thing, crazy animal lady!

P.S. I am not sure what I stepped on in that water. It felt like cole slaw.

Clearwater POTD: June 25

Staff Retreat= Most Comfortable Bed EVER.

Clearwater POTD: June 24

Sorry for no photo of the day for several days. We were on our staff retreat and Internet cost $10/day. We figured it wasn't worth it, so I am catching you up now!

Transition Night
We passed leadership on to the students-they washed each other's feet.
Only 5 days left for the staff!


Clearwater POTD: June 15

Jeff's Life Group
Jon from Middle Tenn State, Jeff, Aaron from NC State, Chris from Appalachian State, Ryan from Illinois State, Rob from Middle Tenn State, and Daniel


Clearwater POTD: June 5

Tonight, the students had a "Reverse Sadie Hawkins White Elephant Creative Date Community Building Extravaganza." Basically, the guys donned the girls in princess crowns and performed for them. Then, the girls got to choose to keep those guys and that date, or to steal someone else's.

Clearwater POTD: June 4

Sunset by the pier


Clearwater Photo of the Day: June 1

By the pier

Clearwater Photo of the Day: May 31

Well, today it's going to be PhotoS. Tonight we had our first weekly meeting. The students played a game in which each group had the same materials to transform a team member into an assigned creature. Here were the fabulous results:

Suzy the Turtle

Nathan the Pirate

Hannah the Mermaid

Aaron the King

And the Winner...

Charlie the Shark
I, unfortunately did not get a picture of his amazing dorsal fin in the back.