Clearwater Photo of the Day May 29

Yep, that's me! Today we had the students do a "staff hunt." We dressed up and spread out around the pier while students searched for us. I decided to go goth. Unfortunately his picture does not do justice to my amazing eye makeup. Only two groups found me! I also received many stares and scared little children. Jeff didn't dress up. He just hid in the marina...and no one found him.

Clearwater Photo of the Day: May 28

This is late because sometimes our internet doesn't work!

Enjoying some down time with pool volleyball. That IS a homemade net.



Clearwater Photo of the Day: May 25

Jeff and I like to say that we have the only room in the hotel with an ocean view-and here it is!

Clearwater Summer Project Photo of the Day-May 24

Sorry this is a day late-our internet wouldn't work last night! Hopefully, it will be working tonight so I can post today's photo!

Jeff and I like to walk along the beach in the evenings. We saw several dolphins swimming close to the shore!


Clearwater Summer Project Photo of the Day: May 23

These are my summer girls (the ladies in my Bible study whom I will disciple)-Jessica from NC State, Sarah from U of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Shelby from U of Memphis, and Laura from U of Tennessee.

We spent the day sharing our life stories with each other and laughing a lot. We already are having so much fun-I love them already!


Clearwater Photo of the Day: May 20

Physical Prep Day!

Today we moved beds into rooms and prepared rooms for the students arriving on Saturday. And, of course, it was the hottest it has been today.


Clearwater Photo of the Day: May 19

I decided today to post a Clearweater Photo of the Day, while we are on Summer Project here in Clearwater Beach, Florida!

check back daily to see the photo of the day!


Here it is:

The famous Clearwater Beach sunset


Clearwater Beach Summer Project

We are going to be spending 6 weeks in Clearwater Beach, FL.  We're staffing a summer project with about 15 other staff and 50 students.  It should be a blast!  I had so much fun last time I was there a few summers ago.  Pray for us and our students that they would grow spiritually, walk by faith, be challenged and trained, and that we would further God's kingdom. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support that makes it possible!  Remember, we are still in the states this summer so you can contact us by phone or email.  We look forward to catching up with you all soon and sharing what the Lord will do!



New York City Recap

In March, Jeff and I traveled to New York City with about 50 Triad students and staff to take the Gospel to NYC campuses.

We had a myriad of great Gospel conversations. Our students we surprised and encouraged to find how easy it was to talk to student in NYC about the Gospel. They are so open, willing to talk and listen, and honest about where they are at spiritually. We spoke with a ton of students with different backgrounds-Jewish students, students who grew up in a religious home, students from the other side of the world, homosexuals, strippers (one who gave her life to Christ!)-the majority of whom wanted to hear about Christ.

As our students take new steps of faith to pray, approach strangers, and share the Gospel, they grew in their faith and trust in the Lord and passion for the lost. When we returned to the Triad, a revival of evangelism swept our campuses! The number of students helping with UNCG's weekly evangelism outreach doubled and our High Point students began doing Soularium on campus and taking other students with them.

We also took a crazy bus trip, chowed down on yummy street food, ate at a Chinese-Mexican restaurant (yeah, we thought that was weird too), saw In the Heights on Broadway, and visited the Museum of Natural History and the Met. Jeff also caught a Knicks game with the guys. Needless to say, we returned home worn out, but it was all worth it to see God at work and develop deeper relationships with our students!