Super Bowl Sunday

It is a glorious day!
Once a year, seemingly everything revolves around football. People gather for food, fun, and football. We will be going to a Super Bowl viewing party with our small group tonight. I encourage you all to take some time out with family and/or friends and relax. There's something for everyone...the food, the game, even the commercials.

What are your favorite game day snacks?

What are your viewing plans (hint: HDTV and big screen are a must)?

Finally, what are your favorite commercials from years past and this year?

We're anxious to hear from you!



April said...

I totally wrote this post..hahahha. No I didn't. Too bad my favorite Coke Zero commercial is not a superbowl commercial!

Megan Bruch said...

I don't know about my favorite of all-time, but the baby e-Trade one was pretty good when it first came out. This year's were LAME though. Not impressed at all.