The Olympics

I sat on the sofa Friday evening watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It is always a great spectacle featuring entertainment, culture, pageantry, etc. They really get your imagination and patriotism going every four years.

I want to introduce you all to a fantastic tool that we use with our athletes. I helped to get an Athletes in Action movement started at High Point University this school year. We have about 15 students who come out every other week so far, depending on season and schedules. Side note, pray for continued growth and especially for some students to step up in leadership of this movement...thanks!!

Well, the tool is a website called: www.beyondtheultimate.org It features college, professional, and olympic athletes telling their stories of how they discovered that real fulfillment in life comes only through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Here are some questions that this website helps provide answers for:
After you have reached your goals, then what? Even on your way up the ladder, have you wondered if even "the ultimate" — whatever that is for you — is really enough? Can even your dreams really satisfy? Isn't life about more than what you want? What if there is something that satisfies you even beyond your dreams?

Maybe you know a friend, have a child, or coach someone who would benefit from looking at this website. I encourage you to point seekers to the site to check out: Is there a God? Where is God in the midst of tragedy? And beyond blind faith. You can also browse around just to find which athletes are talking about their faith.

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