What occupies your thoughts? If you just had fill in the blank , then you would be happy. Where does your mind wander off to given the opportunity?
I continually become more and more aware of my lack of contentment, especially as I ponder questions like these. This is probably the hardest part of my sin nature. It is a continual struggle to surrender my desires to the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ in every area of my life. The closer I grow in my relationship with the Lord, the more aware of how quickly my heart chases after its own desires. This is true in almost every area of life.

For example, I only recently began watching HGTV. I can say that I never watched that channel before I was married or even thought about watching it. I noticed this inner longing to "own" our own home. We have a good marriage and are blessed to live in a great location in downtown with many amenities. It seems as though everything is falling into place and life is good. Then this issue of restlessness of my soul creeps in.

If you are anything like me, then it's almost as if we often can't enjoy what we have because of desire for what we can't have. This is why we all must stay vigilant to preach the Gospel truth to our own hearts continually. We need to find our significance, identity, and joy in our relationship with Christ alone. Nothing satisfies our souls like Christ. Not anything we can dream up...not our dream job, relationship, home, or anything. Oh, that our hearts would delight in Christ and that we would be content with Him alone!

It is a reminder of our need for dependence on the Lord and the need to be prayerful about every little aspect of life. That way He can continually conform our minds as we do battle against the world, our flesh, and the evil one. Let's live lives of transparency, thankful for what we have and where we are, and be good stewards with our blessings...now that's counter-cultural!

The key to battling this wandering of our hearts is contentment.

What do you think?
What are some things that you are tempted to find your significance in?
Have you noticed this inner dissatisfaction in your life before?


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Love said...

I am totally there....contentment is a big issue for me. It's so frustrating to have "everything" but still be looking for "something" else. Thanks for the reminder that Christ is the answer! Hope you guys are doing great and enjoying married life! We hope to see you guys soon!