Snow Day

So we got some snow last night and today. Unfortunately, it was over the weekend which takes away our "free time." I used to really look forward to snow as a child, but now it seems to be a little bit of a nuisance to me. Although, it is admittedly pretty to look at and fun to play in. We had to cancel a service project this morning and miss hanging out with a friend in the afternoon. So we just took the day easy and enjoyed the warmth of our apt, being lazy, and each other. Good times! Here is what my wife says about the snow day. Of course we are going to include a picture from our apt. (just don't expect to see us playing in it today!):
Hope each of you enjoy your day...snow day or not!


The Burro

So after 1.5 months, we've settled into married life in Greensboro. We are enjoying it! It's nice to be back working with college students and even having friends over to our new place. Here are a few of my "first" reactions to living here:

1) I love living a stone's throw away from the train station. We get to hear trains go by at night and it is comforting. It reminds me of the good old days in the dorms of NC State where I first had to get accustomed to trains rattling bye. Of course, I dislike waiting for a train to cross the road during the day if I'm driving around...but gotta take the bad with the good. And it is mostly good.

2) I also like living close enough to walk (check this link out to find how walkable your neighborhood is...we scored an 88 or very walkable) to all the places downtown. We have restaurants, theaters, museums, art galleries, and antique shops that are all easily accessible on foot. It helps us to feel like we are in a bigger city and, at the same time, like we are in a more connected community as well.

3) We get to hear the NC A&T band practice every Sunday afternoon. Their drumline throws down!

4) This is the only negative thing that I'll say so far...the people here can't drive a lick! I think they are stuck between thinking that they are driving out in the country (where anything goes...you don't have to drive in your lane, don't have to use turn signals, and you can pull out anytime or turn around whenever you want) and in the city (where you have to yield to pedestrians, pay attention to who's around you, and other common sense things). You know it's bad when your out of town wedding guests almost all mention how crazy people drive here.

5) I will continue to study up on my Greensboro history and culture and keep you all updated as to our life and ministry in Greensboro and the Triad!


Wedding Video Love!

We started the Spring semester and we had a big outreach at Wake Forest this week and then went fabulously! We will be sharing more about that later! Today, we want to share with you our wedding video from December 12! I absolutely love this video! Our friend Clint did it for us and he did a great job of capturing all the highlights, which is exactly what I wanted. Enjoy!

Knapp Wedding from Clint Barefoot on Vimeo.


Settling In

We're getting ready to start the new semester on Monday! For the past week, we've been settling into our new apartment. It's still a bit of a mess, but we're making progress and have even begun to havesome people over. So, come on over and visit! We will post pictures when we're done!

Jeff and April


Day of Outreach Update-We made news!!

Here's a link to an article in our local paper` highlighting our Day of Outreach (which Jeff and I both helped plan and organize) from Encounter '09. This article also features the church we attend, Hope Chapel.

More to come soon!