Start of the new semester

Sorry for the delay in new posts! This is mostly due to me running around Triad campuses like crazy here at the beginning of the new semester. My schedule this year takes me to 5 or 6 different campuses a week. I also have 5 awesome guys I will be discipling (growing in cross-cultural ministry), working on starting an athletic ministry, going to weekly meetings, and developing a new webpage...all amongst typical office work, staff meetings, developing contacts, raising support, and what not.

I wanted to write a quick note to let you guys see some of the things we are going over with our students. We have our own discipleship notebook (focusing on the foundation, Christian life, attributes of God, apologetics, and church history) and the Bible studies all come from Cru.comm, however, most of our weekly meetings are centered around a series. The series comes from Tim Keller's new book The Reason for God. This is perfect because he takes a rational, intellectual, and theologically sound look at
belief in an age of skepticism. The talks serve to reach out to the un-churched/skeptics and to help believers understand some questions or doubts they may have. Some of the issues delt with are: can there be just one true religion, how could a good God allow suffering, legalism, injustice in the name of the church, how can a loving God send people to hell, science/evolution, and can you take the Bible literally. He covers all of these topics, examines them, takes apart the issues, and shows where the Gospel is the ultimate solution to each question. I encourage you all to read the book; maybe it will better help you love others and answer their legitimate questions. I am also including a video that's worth watching of Dr. Keller discussing this material at a Google symposium.

God is at work here in the Triad! Our staff team has increased in size again this year, which further enables us to reach the whole Triad with the Gospel. It feels a more attainable goal each year. Our big three campuses have all seen an increase in numbers this year as well, and not only that, but our student leaders have begun to catch the vision and own/run things themselves. Pray for our students to be sharing the Gospel, incarnating the Gospel in word and deed, unity, loving others well, getting new students involved, discipling younger believers, plugged into healthy churches, and to go to conferences/mission trips. Please join in with me in praying for a revival in the Triad starting on college campuses!!

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