You know it's fall when football season kicks off

After 8 months without college football...it's finally that glorious time of the year again! Perhaps like many of you all, I spent the whole first Saturday gorging myself watching student athletes pop pads. Game, after game, after game, with some pundits talking football in between. And I wouldn't have it any other way (I did enjoy one special visit though). I figured that I would provide a change of pace to the reader in my blog world; a little lighter reading if you will. But I do have a few other topics of interest to come, so stay tuned! (I have included several hilarious video links that you should take the time to check out as well!)

Not too many interesting match ups yet, and everyone is trying to figure out what they have for the upcoming season. After the first week is over, guys all over the country will spend countless hours scouring through webpages, blogs, and message boards looking for a reason to find hope for the upcoming season. Let me save you NC State fans some time...it looks pretty bleak this year. Positives: defense and coaching; Negatives: offense and special teams. I would figure on about 4 wins this year. Anything less is disappointing and anything more is gravy. If you were fortunate enough to attend a university with a D-1 caliber QB currently under scholarship, then you have a lot to play for this season.

Every year it seems there is more parity amongst teams in college football (that's right App St). That is just one of the things that makes college football the best way to spend a Saturday. Important caveat: if you can attend a game in person, then do it and do it right (tailgate, throw a football, and enjoy good food and people all day). My personal favorite tailgating is found in the sea of red at the Carter with some BBQ and sweet tea before a noisy evening game. If you can't attend a game, then sit back in a comfy seat and watch it in glorious HDTV with some good food and friends (notice a theme?). More than just tailgating, college football is great because of school pride (no matter how nostalgic). I know that if you went to an university without football, it is hard to understand the level of school spirit this one event can generate. However, if you have experienced that kind of atmosphere and spirit, then it's something that will continue to grip you each and every fall...as you
wax poetic with the first chill in the air, the leaves changing, the smell of grilled food wafting through the air, wearing your school colors and face painting, and seeing the next generation at your alma mater experience the same things you did years earlier. Not to mention the benefits of smack talking your annoying co-workers the following week.

Finally, here is
my advice for the upcoming football season that is guaranteed to make it a success for you! This comes from years of personal experience with heartbreak as an NC State fan...the perpetual wait til next year, get your hopes up, and crush you, lovable losers that define us as fans. Don't get too wrapped up in every game, athletic performance does not add to or take away from the value of your diploma, and keep it in the proper perspective that it is just a game. BUT, if you can't resist and insist that you play to win the game, then...go ahead, raise the bar so that your team can walk effortlessly underneath and exceed your easily attainable low expectations!

Do you think this is good advice? Were you at least entertained? Let me know...