It's the end of the world as we know it

So after being convicted while watching the office this year (you know the episode where Michael Scott says that technology tried to kill him after he blindly followed his GPS directions into a lake), I decided that I needed to finally join the 21st century. Yay, taking my bows...I know, I know, and you're welcome!!

Now, by nature I am a skeptic and it takes a while for me to come around to new ideas. Important side note: This fits perfectly with my hatred of trendy things (I am not a sell out!), because I decided that it is no longer trendy to have a blog -- it's now so common that it's normal! However, once I commit myself to embrace something, I tend to be extremely loyal. That is what I am aiming for at least. So hopefully I will update this weblog at least semi-frequently...and it's up to you, my loyal and currently non-existent readers, to hold me to that.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise that I am an adequate writer or even readable for that matter. Much less my spelling and grammar mistakes. I guess I tend to write almost entirely informally, bouncing from one topic to another...like I think (which is why you have so many asides explaining or confusing my thought process and flow even further). Fortunately, I am counting on the fact that you aren't reading this because of my writing, or lack thereof, skills; I am also not particularly famous, interesting, smart, good looking or funny; so that leads me to conclude that you are reading this because you have a vested interest in me (or stumbled upon my page somehow).

And that is exactly why I am doing this now. I want to stay connected to you: family, friends, supporters, facebook stalkers, whatever. In this post-collegiate world, where everyone has moved all over the world and life seems to change at an ever quickening pace, I try to do what I can to let you know what's going on in my world or at least my mind. Hopefully you will do the same for me and leave me some feedback, updates, encouragement, etc.

Take a look around, enjoy, and cheers!


Michelle said...

You have joined the blog world!! So, here's your encouragement from a Facebook stalker and friend. And I'm excited I got a link on the page. That means I'm officially cool. :-)

April said...

I think you're interesting, smart, and good looking...really really ridiculously good looking....